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A list of past and current exhibitions.

episode 4 The creation of the front bottom.jpg

06/08/2022 - 23/10/22

The print, "Episode 4 The Creation of my Front Bottom", from the series of prints from Surgical Interventions 2 was selected for showing in the exhibition The Harley Open 2022.

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The Harley Open 2022 - Harley Gallery

06/10/2022 - 21/10/2022

The print, "Fractured Image", was selected from an open competition. 


The artwork has been created from an infra-red captured image of a star forming region NGC 3324. This image, published on the internet can be seen as the starting point for the series of images of which ‘Fractured Image’ is one of many. As an artwork in the making, it develops and transforms through numerous reinventions over time, and using various digital manipulations we end up with a series of images. The process of making this image echoes the way images are captured from space and translated into how they are presented for us to see. “Fractured Image” is constantly changing over time. 

Title          Fractured Image

Dimensions     420x594 mm

Materials        Pigment Ink on 316 gsm Fine Art Archival Paper

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Space Park Art (

chris campbell fractured image.jpg
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