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I am a British artist and sculptor involved in creating innovative and challenging artworks and installations for both private and public spaces. From 1975-1977 I attended the foundation course at Blackpool College of Technology and Art. I graduated in 1980 from Trent Polytechnic with a BA in Fine Art/Sculpture and later gained a Post Graduate Certificate in Glass and Architecture in 2007 from Central St. Martins.

My primary medium is working in steel but I also work with a variety of media including timber, glass, stone, plastic and paint with an in depth understanding of the capabilities of the materials that I work with which has been gained through practical experience and personal research. I have extensive experience of working in challenging environments, both physical and cultural and I am well versed in creating robust interventions that are sustainable and stand the test of time.

I am a firm advocate of engaging with people and communities through art encouraging them to participate and actively contribute to changing and enhancing their immediate environment. I have considerable experience of working with schools and frequently organise and facilitate participatory workshops at my premises or onsite locations.

I work as a solo lead artist but I am equally comfortable working as part of a design team and have collaborated with architects, designers and other artists on many projects.

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